Väs is based on creating products that soothe the mind, body and soul inspired by some of the most rare ingredients from all over the world found in different plants, minerals, and even animals. Unlike competitors, Väs has created synthetic versions of these rare ingredients in order to promote their humane beliefs and practices. These products are meant to enhance your you both on the outside and inside, while advocating for animal rights. The brand includes body and face lotion, body scrub, face masks, soaps and incense. 

These ingredients are those that are known to not only be unique for these kinds of products, but are also good for the skin and for relaxation. Unique ingredients will range from minerals from crushed lava rock to the synthetic oil from a shark's liver. Each ingredient is known to either sooth, exfoliate the skin or create a meditative aroma. Väs not only dares to be different from what is common in this market but is also beautifully humane. 

Below you will see the packaging, advertisements and website.

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