Travel Thailand also comes with a downloadable app to take on the go where you can plan and document your trip, share photos, articles, news and tips with other Travel Thailand members.

What keeps you from traveling? As I approach graduation all I can think of is traveling like most people. But like most college students, I don’t have a ton of money to travel. Throughout my research, Thailand was one of the most beautiful places I had seen and was also very inexpensive to travel once you get there. So I had an idea of creating a budget travel guide focusing on spending $30 dollars a day.

Travel Thailand offers a three booklet guide divided by Housing & Transportation, Cuisine and Activities all based on a $30/day budget. It offers a wide variety of things to do and places to explore without stressing about money. With Travel Thailand, you can focus on the adventures that are awaiting you rather than stress about how much money you are spending. 

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